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De Novo: A Virginia Appellate Law Blog

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Supreme Court of Virginia Releases November Opinions

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On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Virginia released a batch of opinions. I know that I’m late to the party–I’ve been out sick–but here is a quick run down of the results: November 2009 Supreme Court of Virginia Opinions Case Appellant’s Counsel Appellee’s Counsel Result Hutchins v. Talbert, Record No. 081632 Alfred F. Belcuore (R. Harrison… Continue Reading

How Now, Black Cow? Supreme Court Releases 4 Unpublished Orders

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The Supreme Court of Virginia released four unpublished orders on Friday. Steve Emmert has a fun write-up over at his website. The discussion of Browning v. East alone makes it worth reading. Here’s a preview: This is a vehicular-collision appeal, but it really-most-sincerely isn’t your ordinary collision case. The driver of the only vehicle involved struck a… Continue Reading

Keenan Nomination Watch

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The VLW Blog reports that the Senate Judiciary Committee has unanimously approved Justice Keenan’s nomination to the Fourth Circuit. Justice Keenan is President Obama’s second nominee for one of the five open spots on that court. The National Review Online states that ranking minority member Jeff Sessions called Justice Keenan a “fine nominee.”… Continue Reading

Keenan Nomination Watch: Hearing to be Webcast; Eight Candidates Announce Interest in Potential Opening on SCV

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Justice Keenan, who has been nominated for a seat on the 4th Circuit, will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. Our friends at The VLW Blog report that the entire nomination hearing will be webcast. Yesterday, Virginia Lawyer’s Weekly reported that eight candidates have alerted the Virginia State Bar that they would like… Continue Reading

What’s an Appellant (or Appellee) to Do? Supreme Confusion Over Assignments of Error

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The Supreme Court of Virginia’s recent treatment of assignments of error has been inconsistent, and that makes life difficult for appellants and appellees alike. Background: Supreme Court’s Crackdown on Assignments of Error Alarms Appellate Practitioners For the past year or so, the Supreme Court of Virginia has been getting increasingly demanding in its treatement to assignments of error. Steve… Continue Reading

Supreme Court of Virginia Releases Opinions

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The Supreme Court of Virginia released 15 published opinions today. For the true appellate geeks/scorekeepers out there, the Court also makes available a list of counsel in cases decided. Our friends at VLW have promised a special Supreme Court edition of their daily alert later this afternoon. We’ll keep you posted. Finally, one of the highlights of opinion… Continue Reading

Chief Justice Hassell to Miss September Session

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The VLW Blog reports that Chief Justice Hassell was hospitalized recently with an infection and will not participate in the Supreme Court of Virginia’s oral argument session next week. The story is here. One of the Court’s senior justices will likely sit in for him during his absence. We wish the Chief a speedy recovery, and are… Continue Reading

Supreme Court of Virginia Issues Two Unpublished Orders

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A little something to tide you over until the Supreme Court of Virginia hands down its next set of opinons on September 18th: on Friday, the Court unpublished orders in two cases. One, D.R. Horton, Inc. v. Zambrana, deals with prejudgment interest. The other, Higgs v. Director, Dep’t of Corrections, is a habeas case. Credit… Continue Reading