Johnson, Rosen & O’Keeffe LLC. focuses our attention on certain areas of the law, which allows us to deliver the most value to clients with needs in the following areas:


We’ve handled dozens of appeals in the Supreme Court of Virginia, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the Court of Appeals of Virginia. Our team helps clients and trial lawyers with every aspect of an appeal, from the initial briefing and preservation of error in the trial court through oral argument in the appellate court.

Business Litigation

We represent businesses and employees throughout Virginia in matters involving contract disputes, unfair business practices, noncompete and other employment litigation, computer fraud, and social media issues.


Residential and commercial construction projects can be complicated. We know how to negotiate contracts up front to minimize risk and maximize clarity, helping to ensure that things go smoothly. If problems do arise, we have years of experience handling complex construction disputes and litigation for owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects, and engineers.

Criminal Law

When faced with criminal charges, you need the best defense available. We are committed to providing our clients with nothing less, and we bring a personal approach to representing our clients.

Employee Benefits

Employers have many tools for incentivizing employees, and employee benefits are among the most effective. We have experience advising employers on various aspects of employee benefits, including:
•    Deferred compensation
•    Stock options and restricted stock
•    Health insurance plan design, including ACA compliance
•    Wellness plan design

Estate Planning and Administration

An estate plan determines how your property and assets will be handled after your death. A good estate plan ensures that your wishes will be carried out, and it minimizes the taxes and administrative costs that your estate will have to pay. We help people prepare their estate plans, and we also help their fiduciaries and beneficiaries navigate the complexities of settling and administering their estate. Here are some of the estate-planning tools that we offer:
•    Wills
•    Trusts, including living trusts
•    Powers of attorney
•    Medical directives
•    Selection and appointment of fiduciaries like a trustee, executor, attorney-in-fact, or guardian
•    Preparation and submission of estate filings such as inventories and accountings

Family Law

We provide a range of services to help families through difficult times. Among other things, we can help you with:
•    Child support
•    Custody
•    Divorce
•    Equitable distribution of assets
•    Spousal support
•    Premarital agreements

Landlord/Tenant Law

Whether you are a landlord needing to evict a problem tenant or a tenant dealing with a difficult landlord, we have a great deal of experience in dealing with residential and commercial leases, evictions, and lease disputes.

Non-Profit Services

Non-profits have their own set of business rules. We have experience in providing services to non-profits from initial organization to ongoing tax and governance compliance.

Small Business Services

Whether you have a start-up or successful multi-generational family business, we can help with all aspects of your legal needs, including:
•    Corporate entity selection and formation
•    Preparation of buy-sell, shareholder, and operating agreements
•    Contract and lease review
•    Acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures
•    Secured financing

Trust & Estate Litigation

In addition to our estate-planning services, we handle various types of fiduciary litigation, including
•    Appointment of guardians and conservators
•    Will contests and probate litigation
•    Breach-of-fiduciary-duty claims against trustees, executors, administrators and personal representatives
•    Appointment and removal of fiduciaries, representatives, guardians, conservators, and attorneys-in-fact
•    Undue-influence claims
•    Litigation concerning powers of attorney, living wills, medical directives, and end-of-life issues