We have a real treat for you today.

A major highlight of last week’s AJEI Summit was a surprise appearance by Chief Justice Roberts, who dropped in on our Thursday-night reception.

In person, the Chief is ever so dreamy, though perhaps not quite as tall as you might have expected.

(Shortness is endemic in appellate circles; most people don’t know this, but you can actually fit Tom Goldstein in your pocket.)

In honor of my long running man-crush on Chief Justice Roberts, here is a link from the C-Span archives to a classic panel that he sat on in 1997. Here’s the link.

This is truly amazing stuff.

You have John Roberts, Maureen Mahoney, Philip Lacovara, and E. Barrett Prettyman, Jr., discussing how to argue a case before SCOTUS. Bob Bennett moderates, apparently  fresh from the late unpleasantness involving Paula Jones.

Half the fun of this video is people-watching for famous faces in the audience. I think I spotted pre-millennial versions of Delaware Supreme Court Justice Henry Ridgely; white-collar superlawyer Alan Kriegel; and Mark Stancil of Robbins Russell and UVA’s Supreme Court clinic.