The VTLA’s annual convention starts this afternoon at the Homestead.

In a remarkable error of judgment, they’ve invited me to speak on a panel about statements of facts in appellate briefs.

It should be a fun talk. Roger Creager is moderating the panel, and David Hargett and Steve Garver are the real other panelists. I’m excited to hear their thoughts.

For a number of reasons, the fact section is the most important part of the brief. (I could tell you what those reasons are, but then you wouldn’t come.) Even so, you rarely see a good CLE treatment of the subject.

The panel starts at 12:15 on Friday at the appellate section luncheon. If you’re a member of the section, please join us. If you’re not, drop by and say hello. Don’t worry about the “section members only” rule. You’re welcome to attend.

And for those of you not so lucky as to be at the Homestead this weekend, I hope to post some thoughts from the panel later this week.