It’s like a ghost town around here. How long can we make readers wait for a halfway-decent substantive post?

Unfortunately, the drought continues. I have been busy. Very, very busy. In addition to my day job–which has been crazy, though that’s never really an excuse for not posting–I have spent the time that could have gone to creating original content on the following endeavors:

  • An interview with Peter Vieth from Virginia Lawyers Weekly about blogging (subscription required). Vieth’s piece, which includes input for a number of legal bloggers from around Virginia, has some real gems from me–like this one: “I aim for about a post a week.” Oops.
  • webinar with Kevin O’Keefe from LexBlog, Cordell Parvin, Travis Crabtree, Lizzette Zubey, and Tricia DeLeon. The webinar is pretty good, my efforts notwithstanding (I think that you can actually hear my train of thought go off the rails after Kevin cold-calls me). It’s similar to the presentation that we did at the VBA meeting this summer. If you’re interested, the folks at LexBlog have made all of the webinar materials available online.
  • Breakfast with Santa–truly, an unmitigated disaster:

Besides, you’re not really missing anything. The only thing I want to blog about right now is the opening on the Supreme Court of Virginia. But I have less than zero credibility on that issue and can’t write about it anyway because (1) my law partner is a candidate (2) my friends are candidates (3) I will have to practice in front of whoever wins, even if they don’t fall into categories (1) or (2).