Here are more of the questions and searches that have led people to De Novo, and our feeble attempts to address them:

Cufflinks at oral argument?


Noting objections on a final judgment order in Virginia.

Generally a good idea, espcially if the trial court is still in a position to take corrective action. The more specific your objections, the better.

A few cases that you may want to check out include:

  • Helms v. Manspile, 277 Va. 1, 6-7, 671 S.E.2d 127, 129-30 (2009) (where defendants argued in written closing that they owned a parcel of land by adverse possession, endorsing final order as “seen” did not waive their argument and preserved their adverse possession claim for appeal);
  • Scialdone v. Commonwealth, 279 Va. 422, 440, 689 S.E.2d 716, 726 (2010) (“[W]here a party makes his objections known to the court prior to or at the time of entry of a final order or decree and does not specifically disclaim the desire to have the court rule on those objections, entry of a final order or decree adverse to those objections constitutes a rejection of them and preserves them under [the contemporaneous objection rule] for purposes of appeal.”);
  • Levisa Coal Co. v. Consolidation Coal Co., 276 Va. 44, 56 n.4 (2008) (later filing written objections to trial court’s ruling from the bench satisfied Rule 5:25);
  • Lee v. Lee, 12 Va. App. 512, 404 S.E.2d 736 (1991) (objecting generally to an order will not suffice to preserve for review errors not raised in the record).

Is Cynthia Kinser a Federal Judge in Virginia?

No, she is the Chief Justice-elect of the Virginia Supreme Court. Thanks for your loyal readership.

Virginia appellate brief example?

The merits briefs from the Episcopal church property dispute are online here. That should get you started. Also, we’re generally glad to share examples of our work from decided cases. Just send me an email or give me a call.

Law of hitting a cow in a vehicle in VA?

What is your cow doing in a car? If you are talking about hitting a cow with a vehicle, the law is surprisingly well developed. I recommend Browning v. East.

She lawyer “martial arts”.

Joss Whedon is working on the pilot even as we speak. It can’t be worse than Dollhouse.

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