It’s time for another round of the increasingly bizarre searches that lead people to this blog, and our responses:

  • can appellee attend argument on petition in virginia? Yes, appellees can and often do attend writ arguments. They just don’t get to argue themselves. See Va. Sup. Ct. R. 5:17(j)(i).
  • Supreme Court of Virginia did not have the guts. That’s crazy talk. Next.
  • How do you blue book the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct? (Yes, the person asking about the Blue Book capitalizes and punctuates his search terms.) I follow the form in Rule 12.8.6 for the ABA Model Rules. I can’t replicate the citation form here, because I can’t do small caps, but it would look something like this: VA. RULES OF PROF’L CONDUCT R. 1.3 (2004).
  • Virginia legal blogs. VLW maintains this list. It’s a good start.
  • zombie appellant. Okay, I admit that I had to look this one up. It has something to do with the strange place where Halloween meets social protest and interpretive dance.
  • NY black angus. I never cease to be amazed by the number of bovine inquiries we get. Thanks for sending all those readers our way, Google. I’m switching to Bing.
  • justice kinser’s phone number. The zombie appellant didn’t bother me, but for some reason this seems creepy. I like Justice Kinser, too–especially after Scialdone–but maybe stick to the publicly available contact information on the Supreme Court’s website.

Remember: I am not your lawyer. None of this is legal advice. It in no way reflects the opinions of the Firm on the Move (TM), or, for that matter, of any right-thinking person.