A few weeks ago, I asked for help explaining a trial to my niece, and promised a copy of The Curmudgeon’s Guide to the person who provided the best answer.

Responses ran the gamut from sweet and informative to almost unbelievably creepy. (Oddly, that last one came via email from our marketing manager here at TFOTM. I can’t publish it, because this is a family blog.)

The winner came from fellow blogger Lauren Ellerman:

A trial is when people get dressed up and try to convince strangers they are not lying. It’s not an easy way to earn a living.

Lauren has four blogs. I have one. Hers are updated more often, she has no apparent need to bribe her readership, and she has time to train for a triathlon. Clearly, I am doing something wrong.

Honorable mention to James Markels, who notes that:

To an appellate attorney, a trial is where errors are made.

How true. Thanks to everyone who participated.