All productive work at the Firm on the Move (TM) instantly ground to a halt today when the VLW reported the finalists in the William & Mary mascot search. The W&M website has pictures of the finalists. I’d post them, but I’m not sure about the trademark implications and I think that I’m still bound by the honor code.

Here are the finalists and our thoughts:

  • The Griffin. What’s that, a nod to our Quidditch team? No D&D mascots, thanks. Nerds.
  • King and Queen. Wow, that’s creative. We’d definitely be the first school in the Old Dominion to use Monarchs as a mascot. On the other hand, the transgender queen is a nice touch.
  • The Phoenix. Crap.
  • The Pug. Dogcrap.
  • The Wren.  I guess this one has potential. We’d get our Tribe with Feathers after all, that late unpleasantness with the NCAA notwitshtanding. And the Wren actually has a connection to the school. (Ahem, Griffin.)  It looks like we have a winner by default–although it really is a shame that not everyone can lose.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.