No substantive post at De Novo yet this week because I am lazy I did a piece for Guest Post Friday over at Chris Hill’s blog, Construction Law Musings. Check it out for an appellate lawyer’s thoughts on construction cases.

On Monday, Steve Emmert lamented the departure (or hibernation) of some of his favorite appellate blogs. We are happy to report that De Novo has been going strong since this summer, meaning that it has passed the dreaded four-month mark. Our business plan proceeds apace. Phase two: ? Phase three: profit.

Finally, I would like to do a post on the Francis v. Giacomelli, the new opinion in which the Fourth Circuit clarifies the Twiqbal pleading standard. (Hat tip to Emmert.) Really, really would. But the World Cup draw starts at noon. And that only comes around every four years. So, um, yeah . . . did I mention that post over at Musings?