Here’s some exciting news: the Supreme Court will release the audio from Wednesday’s argument in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission shortly after the conclusion of the argument.” SCOTUSblog has the scoop, as well as an argument preview.

Citizens United is a major campaign-finance case with potentially serious constitution implications. You might remember it as the case about Hilary: The Movie–apparently either a feature-length documentary about Secretary Clinton’s run for the presidency or the world’s longest attack ad, depending on your point of view.

Here’s the trailer. It works better if you say “From the producers of South Park” just before you hit play:



Did I hear “venal” in there? That’s a little harsh.

Somehow along the way, Citizens United has morphed into a case about the extent to which corporations enjoy the free-speech protections that the constitution offers to individuals in the context of modern campaigns.

In addition to fine cinema and free speech issues, Citizens United offers many enticements to the appellate geek. Wednesday’s argument will mark the high court debuts of Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Solictor General Elena Kagan. The Court’s Day Call boasts an all-star lineup for the oral argument:

  • Ted Olson, arguing for 30 minutes on behalf of Citizens United;
  • Floyd Abrams, arguing for 10 minutes in support of Senator Mitch McConnell, as an amicus in support of Citizens United;
  • General Kagan, arguing for 30 minutes on behalf of the FEC; and
  • Seth Waxman, arguing for 10 minutes on behald of Senator McCain and others as amici in support of the FEC.

This could be one for the case books, if not the history books. We’ll keep you posted.